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Dive into Jhelum’s diverse job market! From thriving tech startups to renowned manufacturing giants,¬†Jhelum¬†offers a wealth of opportunities for every career path. Discover your next professional adventure in a city where tradition meets innovation.

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A leader in the textile industry, NISHAT offers a range of roles in design, production, and management, fostering innovation and excellence.


Known for its commitment to quality and sustainability, SAPPHIRE provides opportunities in manufacturing, marketing, and retail.

Lucky Core Industries

At the forefront of industrial development, Lucky Core Industries seeks professionals in engineering, management, and operational efficiency.

Explore Jobs in Jhelum

Discover diverse job opportunities in Jhelum, Pakistan, a city rich in history and culture. Explore career options across various industries, from manufacturing and services to education and healthcare, offering a range of employment prospects. Join the dynamic workforce of Jhelum and contribute to the city's economic growth and development.

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